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Welcome to All Access Tree Care - Santee & Lakeside's Best Choice in Knowledgeable Tree Service for Homes & Businesses

If you're looking for expert tree care and removal for your property in Santee or Lakeside, All Access Tree Care has exactly what you need. We're a family-owned and -operated, fully licensed tree company with a crew of specialists averaging 15-30 years of experience in a variety of tree services, including:

Our crew stays up to date with the tree service industry's best practices, and all of our jobs are performed with the latest tree trimming, removal, and stump grinding equipment. Our owner, Mike, will gladly provide customers with the knowledge and recommendations they need, and is on-site on over 90% of our projects. He'll make sure everything is done according to the highest of standards and that no detail is missed.

At All Access Tree Care, we prioritize customer confidence and satisfaction above all else. When we've started on a project, we're not finished until the client is 100% satisfied with our results. This includes taking the time to clean up everything so it looks better than when we arrived. Our stellar reputation has led to a 5-star rating on Yelp and glowing reviews on Angie's List. Call us at (619) 212-3559 and receive your free on-site written estimate on our tree services for your Santee or Lakeside property.

High-Quality Tree Trimming, Shaping, & Lacing Services for Santee & Lakeside Home & Business Owners in California

Tree Lacing Specialist Santee

All Access Tree Care provides high-quality, affordable tree trimming services to Santee and Lakeside property owners. Our tree trimming specialists have decades of pruning experience and built a solid reputation as experts in tree trimming, lacing, and shaping. Their accrued experience, combined with our ongoing training, ensures that they always apply the latest and best practices for pruning trees so that your trees' health and natural splendor are preserved. As part of our tree trimming service, we can also provide tree lacing (also known as tree thinning), which is the process of removing branches from within a tree's foliage to lower its density. There are many benefits to having your tree laced, chief among them being your tree's health and safety. If a tree's foliage grows too dense, it becomes resistant to high winds and rainfall which can cause damage to the tree in the event of dense rain or stormy weather. Lacing the tree allows wind and rain to more easily pass through the tree, allowing it to remain upright without problem. Call us today at (619) 212-3559 to arrange free on-site consultation and written estimate for tree trimming, lacing, and shaping in Santee, Lakeside, or other nearby cities.

Santee & Lakeside's Top Choice in Experienced Tree Removal

Trees & Branches Removal

Whether it's an undesired pre-existing tree on a property you just bought, or an aging tree that's fallen victim to disease and decay, sometimes the best option is to remove the tree entirely. All Access Tree Care offers reasonable rates on tree removals in Santee, Lakeside, and the surrounding San Diego County area. We are licensed contractors, and our team of tree trimming specialists averages between 15 and 30 years of experience in safe and efficient tree removal. We can perform a tree removal project at any time of the year, and these jobs can be done as quickly as half a day to a few days in length (depending on the size and type of tree). Call us today for to set up an on-site visit and receive your free estimate on a tree removal in Santee, Lakeside, or any nearby city.

Bringing 20 Years of Experience in Stump Removal & Grinding to Santee & Lakeside, California

Stump Removal & Grinding

All Access Tree Care is a family-owned and -operated company that provides experienced stump removal and grinding to Santee and Lakeside property owners. Removing a stump can be a time-consuming and difficult process without professional help. All Access Tree Care has decades of experience and the best in stump grinding machinery for completely removing a tree stump from your property. We will cut the stump down to the lowest point before bringing in a stump grinder to chip away the wood. We can go 6" to 8" into the ground to effectively remove the stump and either dispose of the wood chips or spread them as mulch. Call us today to arrange a meeting and receive a free on-site estimate on a stump removal for your Lakeside, Santee, or surrounding city property.

Expert Crown Maintenance for Trees in Lakeside & Santee, CA: Crown Raising, Thinning, & Reduction

Tree Crown Maintenance Experts

All Access Tree Care is a licensed contractors tree service company that offers affordable pricing on crown thinning, reduction, and raising services in Santee, Lakeside, and surrounding cities. A tree's crown (the foliage-bearing part of a tree) is something that requires maintenance throughout its lifespan to prevent it from overgrowing and become a hazard. Our team of specialists are well-trained in the process of crown raising, which involves removing the lower portion of the tree's crown to raise the overall foliage. This is especially beneficial for trees on curbs and walkways, in order to make room for vehicle parking and pedestrian traffic. Crown thinning is also a great service to perform for your tree's health and appearance. Reducing the density of a tree's crown can greatly lower its wind and rain resistance, reducing the chance of it toppling over in a storm or high winds.

If your tree has grown too large or is threatening to come into contact with power lines or sensitive equipment, it may be time to consider a crown reduction. While a crown raising involves removing the bottom side of a tree's foliage, a reduction requires removing the outermost branches and foliage, thus reducing the overall size of the crown. All Access Tree Care possesses the knowledge and experience to reduce the crown effectively without wounding the tree or causing further growth in reaction to improper trimming. Call us today at (619) 212-3559 to set up an on-site consultation and receive a free estimate on crown maintenance for your Santee, Lakeside, or surrounding city property.

Experienced Palm Tree Trimming in Santee, Lakeside, & Surrounding Areas

Lakeside, CA Palm Tree Trim

Many of the tree trimming specialists at All Access Tree Care have over 20 years of experience in providing Santee, Lakeside, and San Diego County residents and businesses with high-quality palm tree trimming services. A palm tree is structurally very different from most other types of trees and usually requires different methods in maintenance. Our employees are skilled in handling all kinds of palm trees in Southern California, including:

  • King palms
  • Queen palms
  • California palms
  • Washington palms
  • Date palms

In addition to trimming the fronds, we can also remove the seed pods and flowers that grow on the trees. The dying fronds and pods can fall from a great height, so it's always a good idea to have your palm trimmed for the tree's health and general safety. Our tree and stump removal practices apply to palm trees as well. Call us today for more information on our palm tree trimming services in Lakeside, Santee, or other nearby city.

Lakeside & Santee's Best Value in Commercial Tree Trimming & Removal Services

Commercial Tree Removal Lakeside

All Access Tree Care provides high-quality tree services to commercial clients throughout Lakeside and Santee at very competitive prices. For those looking for tree care and maintenance services, we offer tree trimming, pruning, and lacing services, which are designed to improve the look, health, and safety of nearly any type of tree while also addressing any specific objectives our client may have, from clearing a walkway to letting more light to pass through. We also offer safe and efficient tree and stump removal services for those looking to get rid of unsightly, unwanted, or hazardous trees. We're available seven days a week and can schedule our services on any day and time that works best for your business. To minimize inconveniences, we'll work strategically and put out cones and signs to ensure that pedestrians and cars can still pass by safety and efficiently. We are licensed contractors, and always thoroughly clean up after we provide any of our tree services. Call us today to arrange a visit and receive a free on-site estimate on a commercial tree trimming or tree removal in Santee, Lakeside, or any surrounding San Diego County city.