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All Access Tree Care
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All Access Tree Care

El Cajon and La Mesa's Best Choice for High-Quality Tree Services at an Affordable Price

Whether you need a variety of trees trimmed or have a hazardous tree that needs to be removed, call All Access Tree Care. We're a locally owned, licensed contractors tree company that specializes in providing El Cajon and La Mesa homeowners and businesses with the best value in tree services. Our highly trained and skilled tree care experts are available from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week, to provide the following services:

Our team members have between 15 and 30 years of experience in tree care and maintenance and are thoroughly familiar with the industry's safest and best practices. We use modern, well-maintained tree trimming equipment and tree climbing gear, and have a variety of saws and grinding machines to remove trees and stumps of any size.

Work with a Tree Services Company in El Cajon That Is 100% Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Emergency Tree Trimming

While we offer superior tree services, All Access Tree Care is also dedicated to keeping our prices highly competitive. Additionally, we are so dedicated to our customers that our general policy is, "We don't get paid until the customer is completely satisfied." It is this commitment to 100% customer satisfaction that has earned us glowing reviews and high ratings on Yelp, Angie's List, Yellow Pages, and HomeAdvisor.

Free On-Site Consultations with the Owner -- Upfront Written Estimates -- 7 Days a Week

Call today for a free on-site estimate for tree trimming or removal in El Cajon, La Mesa, or other nearby city. You'll work directly with the owner, Mike, and receive expert advice. He'll walk through your property, take note of all the work that you want done, and provide you with a detailed written estimate. We can accommodate urgent/emergency tree trimming and removal requests, and schedule our work at times that cause minimal inconvenience to you or your business. Because we are truly committed to our customers, you can also rely on us to watch out for your best interests and treat your property like it's our own. We'll make you aware of any concerns that we may have about your tree's condition or tree trimming goals, be careful to not cause any damage while we work, and thoroughly clean up once we're done. Additionally, we won't take a job if we determine that the request would be dangerous or could possibly damage the tree. By providing honest, upfront recommendations, we've built a stellar reputation for integrity and value amongst our thousands of satisfied customers throughout San Diego County.

All Access Tree Care Provides Comprehensive Commercial Tree Services to HOAs and Businesses in El Cajon and La Mesa, California

Best Value Tree Care Services

All Access Tree Care provides high-quality, competitively priced commercial tree services throughout La Mesa and El Cajon. As a state-licensed tree service contractor, El Cajon and La Mesa businesses and HOAs can trust that we have the qualifications, experience, insurance, and training to meet their needs. Our team of tree care experts stays up to date on the industry's best practices for tree trimming, crown thinning and rising, tree removal, stump removal, and related services, and they have years of accrued tree care and maintenance experience. For those interested in improving the health and aesthetics of the trees on their property, we know how to take care of a wide array of native and non-native California trees, including palms, benjamin ficus, eucalyptus, firs, maples, box-elders, pines, oaks, and more. For those who have a diseased, damaged, or intrusive tree, we provide fast and affordable tree and stump removal services anywhere in the El Cajon and La Mesa area.

No matter what type of commercial tree services you need, you can count on All Access Tree Care to prioritize safety. We'll assess the health of your trees, check for any limbs or branches that could become a liability, and provide recommendations to correct any issues we find. Additionally, while we work, we'll take extra precautions to be safe and use caution while we work as to avoid causing damage to the surrounding property. All work will be completed on time, and we will perform a thorough clean up before we leave. By providing the best value possible in commercial tree service, All Access Tree Care has thousands of satisfied clients and numerous five-star reviews on Yelp. Contact us today to schedule your free on-site consultation.

Tree Trimming, Pruning & Lacing Services, El Cajon and La Mesa, California

Tree Trimming La Mesa

As a locally and family owned business, All Access Tree Care is committed to providing our neighbors in El Cajon, Winter Gardens, Granite Hills, Hillsdale, Mt. Helix, La Mesa, Santee, and beyond with the best value possible in tree trimming, pruning, and lacing services. Everyone on our team has between 15 and 30 years of experience and received training on the best tree care techniques. Having served the local San Diego County area for years, our staff specializes in caring for the following types of trees:

  • Ficus trees
  • Eucalyptus trees
  • Palm trees
  • Olive trees
  • Acacia trees
  • Oak trees
  • Desert willow trees
  • Pear trees
  • Cedar trees
  • Sumac trees
  • Sycamore trees
  • And many others

In caring for these trees, we always consider three things: safety, health, and aesthetics. We will make sure that your tree is not at risk for falling over, splitting, or damaging nearby property or people. We'll then make sure that your tree is exhibiting healthy, well-balanced growth without signs of stress, disease, bark beetles, or damage. Finally, we will look for opportunities to trim, prune, or lace your tree so that we address your specific requests, such as view clearing or crown raising, and bring out its natural shape. By having All Access Tree Care trim your tree, you'll automatically address your tree's safety, health, and aesthetics, because they are all interrelated: a healthy tree IS a beautiful and safe tree. To learn more, give us a call today. You'll always work with our owner, and we go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with our work. On-site consultations are free, and we always provide a detailed, written estimate. Call us today to schedule our tree trimming, pruning and lacing services for your La Mesa or El Cajon property.

Palm Tree Trimming/Thinning, El Cajon and La Mesa, California - Expert Care for Royal, Coconut, Foxtail, Majestic, Queen, Mexican Palmetto, and Date Palms

Palm Tree Thinning Services

A properly trimmed palm tree is healthier, safer, and more visually appealing than those that are left to grow unchecked. While palm trees are generally low maintenance, if neglected for too long, they can become unsightly and/or unsafe. If you have palm trees on your lot in the El Cajon and La Mesa area, give All Access Tree Care a call today. Over the last 20 years, our team of tree care experts has cared for all types of palm trees, including queen palms, king palms, California palms, Washington palms, date palms, pygmy palms, and windmill palms, for residential and commercial clients throughout San Diego County. Our palm tree trimming service includes shaping the palm, removing old fronds, flowers, and pods, and completely cleaning up once we're done. Call today for a free estimate and to learn more about our palm tree trimming and thinning services in El Cajon and La Mesa.

Tree Crown Thinning, Raising and Reduction in El Cajon, La Mesa & Surrounding Areas

Tree Crown Cleaning El Cajon

Managing the shape, size, and density of a tree's crown or foliage is a large part of what we do at All Access Tree Care and could be considered the part of our job that requires the most skill and artistry. Crown thinning, for example, involves the removal of excess branches to reduce the tree's overall density. When done correctly, crown thinning makes the tree less top heavy and better able to withstand harsh weather, since wind and rain can pass through more easily. It also allows more light to pass through, which often brightens the area underneath the tree, making it more visually appealing. Crown raising involves carefully removing the branches on the lower part of the tree's crown in order to open up more space beneath the tree. To reduce the overall size and reach of the tree, we offer crown reduction, which involves trimming primarily the outer portion of the foliage. Anytime we provide crown maintenance, we are focused on supporting your tree's healthy growth while we help you achieve your goals. Call us today for a free estimate on our tree crown thinning, raising, and reduction services in El Cajon and La Mesa. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Unwanted, Hazardous and Emergency Tree Removal Services in El Cajon, La Mesa & Surrounding Areas

Hazardous Tree Removal La Mesa

Call All Access Tree Care today if you have a tree or even a large limb that needs to be removed in the La Mesa and El Cajon area. We'll take great care to remove the tree quickly, safely, and cost effectively. Our team has removed thousands of trees over the last two decades and has the skill and equipment to remove branches, trees, and stumps of nearly any species and size. Our tree removal service typically involves cutting down the tree little by little over a few hours or a few days depending upon the size of the tree. Once the tree is removed, we can either haul it away, or cut or grind it up for you to keep and use as either firewood and/or mulch. Contact us today to learn more; we offer free on-site consultations and written estimates for our tree removal services in El Cajon and La Mesa.

Stump Grinding and Removal Services in El Cajon and La Mesa, California -- Affordable Prices, Free On-Site Estimates

Tree Stump Removal El Cajon

All Access Tree Care provides tree stump removal services for La Mesa and El Cajon homeowners and business owners. Whether you have an old, sick, or diseased tree that needs to be completely removed, or you wish to prepare a lot for a new landscaping project, you can count on us to have the equipment and expertise to completely remove your tree stump. We have an experienced team and four different types of grinders to handle stumps of any size, down to 6" or 8" below the ground. Once the stump is removed, we can chip the wood for you to use as fertilizer or haul it away to a green waste recycler. Call today for a free consultation on our affordably priced stump removal and grinding services available throughout the El Cajon and La Mesa area.